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End of Series
Due to more severe requirements of regulations the validity of type-approvals of vehicles that do not comply with these requirements will expire. Consequently, such vehicles can no longer be registered, unless these have been reported as “End-of-series” by the manufacturer or manufacturer‘s representative, and have been marked as “End-of-series” by the registering authority. During a fixed, limited period, registration can take place in the country in which the request for “End-of-series” was made.

     Report as End-of-series at State road transport inspectorate

     Reporting is done based on Part B (End-of-Series limits) of Annex XII of the Directive 2007/46/EC and Lithuania vehicles national type approval rules. Within two weeks of higher requirements entering into force, vehicles are reported at State Road Transport Inspectorate under the Ministry of Transport and Communications by the manufacturer, including:

  • make;
  • vehicle category;
  • type-approval number;
  • variant, if applicable;
  • version, if applicable;
  • vehicle identification number (VIN);
  • the technical regulation or regulations with which the vehicles do not comply.

     The request needs to be accompanied by the following documents:

  • free form request;
  • if the requestor of “End-of-series” is not the manufacturer: a copy of the authorization by the manufacturer to report “End-of-series”
  • the list for reporting “End-of-series”;

     These data are included in the request for “End-of-series” by the manufacturer or manufacturer‘s representative. In order to allow quick processing, you are advised to supply this list in the form of an Excel sheet (too) by email

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