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Road transport is one of the most integrated fields of Lithuanian economy into the European Union market. The main role of the State Road Transport Inspectorate under the Ministry of Transport and Communications (hereinafter referred to as Inspectorate), as an institution controlling national carriers, is to ensure fair competition for all the players in the market of transport services, to improve work conditions in the field of road transport and road safety.

Vehicles used for control


The vehicle of the State Road Transport Inspectorate is white. Both sides of the vehicle are marked with capital letters in blue:

Tel. (8 5) 278 5602; faks. (8 5) 213 2270; el. p.
Pasitikėjimo tel. 8 687 45 533, el. p.

There is writing in capital letters in blue on the back doors of the vehicle VKTI.

There is a roof lamp on the vehicle with blue lights and writing on it:


The logo of Inspectorate is placed on both front doors of the vehicle.


Functions of officers

Officers of the Inspectorate perform the following functions on the roads and in companies:

  1. State control of transport carriers’ activity;
  2. Inspect documents issued by Republic of Lithuania and other competitive institutions for transportation of passengers and cargos, documents of drivers and transport vehicles carrying passengers and cargos;
  3. Perform control of rest and driving periods of road transport vehicle drivers  in companies and on roads;
  4. Perform control of company activity, related to transportation of dangerous cargos, on roads and customs stations;
  5. Inspect holders of certificates to drive on roads of Republic of Lithuania, issued to large goods and heavy goods vehicles registered abroad,  on roads of Republic of Lithuania;
  6. Perform control of implementation of Agreement on the International Carriage of Perishable Foods and special transport vehicles used for this carriage.
  7. Control technical condition of road transport vehicles for passengers and carriages;
  8. Control compliance with rates fixed for road passenger transport;
  9. Control whether transport vehicle owners and possessors pay road charge – purchase vignette, when driving on the highest quality roads;
  10. Perform control of driving schools, driving school vehicles;
  11. Control compliance with procedures of Obligatory Technical Inspection;
  12. Control technical expertise of road transport vehicles;
  13. Perform control of tachograph workshops.

Powers of officers

Amount of fines

This text is only for purpose of information and is not binding for the institution.

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